About the camp

The web is more and more converting to a monoculture. Big global players like Google, Facebook and Co. control every part of our digital life and build an alternative web of walled gardens.

It's in our hands to move the web in a new direction and keep it open and decentralized and it's our responsibility to get started now.

The first Decentralize Camp on May 21 in Düsseldorf, Germany aims to bring people of various disciplines together. Developers, Designers, System administrators, UX experts, concepters - people who love and work for the web - are invited to meet and exchange ideas and concepts for a more open, decentralized future of the internet.

The Conference

With a maximum of 80 attendees who come together in the coworking space Garage Bilk, we want to keep this small and familiar to nurture discussions and networking.

Garage Bilk

The camp will be a combination of a conference-style morning with four talks and a barcamp-style afternoon of spontaneus working groups/sessions.

Garage Bilk

Our four speakers have very different backgrounds and views on the topic of decentralization and we are sure that their talks will give a great overview and inspiration for our afternoon sessions.

Check out the schedule for the day…


Why is the event not free?

The €30 ticket price includes a lunch buffet at the GarageBilk, which will allow us all to stay together over lunch time and keep on discussing and exchanging ideas.

We are also going to provide free non-alcoholic drinks and beer over the day, so you don't have to care about anything. We want to make this as comfortable as possible.

How can I support this event?

We are looking for sponsors, who help us cover travel costs and hotel rooms for our speakers as well as tech and venue cost. If you want to support this event, please get in contact: info@decentralizecamp.com

Can I send you a session proposal?

Absolutely! We are going to have a session planning round after lunch, but you can already send us proposals to sessions@decentralizecamp.com

How can I follow updates about the camp?

To follow the latest news and updates, please follow @decentcamp on Twitter or sign up for our Newsletter

Do you have recommendations for accommodation?

The camp will be directly after the beyond tellerrand conference. It's actually one of its side events and we are closely connected. The beyond tellerrand website has a great section about hotels, travel information and more.

Who's coming to the camp?

We have a Lanyrd page, where every attendee should register and let others know they are attending. You can check out the list of attendees over here and register yourself: http://lanyrd.com/2014/decentcamp/

What will be the schedule for the day?

We start registration at around 9:00 and the first talk at 10:00. The camp will end around 18:30 and will be followed by an open end of drinks, snacks and chats.
Read more about the schedule…

Which service do you use to sell tickets?

We use Ti.to, which uses Stripe for credit card payments. However, should you be totally not able to to pay with a credit card, info@decentralizecamp.com text: contact us and we are going to find a way to get you in …